Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lemonade Stand In The Making Part I

Here are pictures of the Lemonade Stand in the making. I really enjoyed every step of this process from brainstorming, shopping trips to the hardware store, painting, sewing, drilling, and sawing. The best part besides seeing your kid's reactions is also the huge sense of accomplishment you receive from completing such a fun and challenging project. I hope you enjoy these pictures and will get inspired to make your own lemonade stand or other woodworking projects.

Lemonade Stand Part I

Rounding Up Supplies At Home Depot

Putting Together The Cut Pieces

Screwing In The Brackets

Back Side Of The Stand
Drilling The Screws In Place

Starting To Look More Like A Lemonade Stand

Side View Of The Stand

Cheap Labor. Girls Priming The Wood. 

First Coat Of Primer

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