Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Caran D'ache Supracolor Soft Pencils

I was lucky to get my hands on these beautiful Caran D'ache supracolor soft pencils today while taking a trip with my husband to Jerry's Artist Outlet in West Orange, New Jersey. From what I researched, the Caran D'ache watercolor pencils are known as one of the best on the market according to novice and experienced artist. I am excited to find out how well they work with stamped images among other mixed media. Unfortunately, these babies don't come cheap. A box of these pencils can cost you anywhere from fifty-dollars for eight-teen pencils to two-hundred and ninety-seven dollars for one-hundred and twenty pencils. I am going to stop writing and test these babies out. I will let you know in a later post if I like them or not. If anyone has tried these pencils, please let me know what you think of them.

80 Supracolor Soft Caran D'ache Watercolor Pencils

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  1. They're the best. They're the only pencils I've used that you can give you pure, saturated colour.